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Giant Golden Orb Spider

30 May


The Australian Huntsman Spider

28 May

What it’s like to get bitten by a Huntsman…in case you were wondering.

Wannabe Entomologist

I’d have to say that for this post, I am extremely happy that I have a blog to write it on. On Facebook my spider posts seem to make a lot of people squeamish.  And after I tell you what I have to tell you, you may be too.

My love for the Huntsman pretty much started when I moved to Australia, mainly because of its size.  Yes, we have deadly spiders in the States.  Yes, we have large spiders.  But I’m from the Midwest – Indiana to be exact.  The biggest spider that we have there (that I’ve actually seen) is the Wolf Spider, and the tiny Barn Spider can easily make an insta-meal out of them.

But here in Australia, the huntsman is a huge spider — with some having about a 15cm (5.9 in) leg span — but it’s not even deadly.  Sure, try telling that to its prey.  And it’s not incapable of causing…

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Planthopper-Penthicodes farinosa (Small-horned lanternfly)

27 May

So, did you have a guess? Well, it’s a called a Planthopper or Small-horned lanternfly.  Family Fulgoridae, species Pentichodes farinosa.



So, my entomologist friend, Ted MacRae was the one to tell me that it was in fact a planthopper in the family Fulgoridae.  But considering there are over 700 species, we weren’t able to narrow it down without a bit of research.  Well, I did try with this new information but came up with absolutely nothing.  And then my friend Nazmi wrote me back.  It would seem Nazmi had found not only the family information but was able to nail down the species as well.  Shoo!  Talk about a needle in a haystack.

Ted also informed me that these particular planthoppers are related (in the same order) to cicadas which was something Nazmi thought it may be from the beginning.  Good eye, Nazmi!

And still, with all of the scientific information, it is still difficult to find much information.  But there are lots of pictures to be found once you know what you’re looking for.  I can tell you that these guys are found in Indonesia but this particular one was found in Brunei, Darussalam.

Here’s a picture of it with wings in.



Photo credits: Nazmi Haris

And if you would like to check out another great entomological blog, check out my friend Ted MacRae’s blog at:

What is it?

26 May

Here we go for another round of, What is it?

This picture was sent to me by a reader named Nazmi in the hopes that I could pinpoint what it was.  Normally I am pretty good at narrowing things down but this one had me Stumped.  (Notice the capital ‘s’?)  I couldn’t find a thing.  I did run across a couple of pictures like it but the people didn’t tag it or name it.

So, I enlarged the pic, looked at it from every angle, visited every insect site on the net (obviously not every one), asked the reader for more photos, which they obliged AND sent me a great video as well…and nothing.  Not even a link to a cousin.  So, I’m going to throw it out there that I don’t think any of you can even come close to figuring this one out.  No cheating and no asking someone with a degree.  Which honestly, is probably the only way you’ll find out.

I’ll just end this by saying that I did find out what it was thanks to a fabulous entomologist by the name of Ted Macrae and oddly enough, the reader himself ended up finding even more information.  But I will share that with you all tomorrow.

So, good luck!

reader photo 1

Photo credit: Nazmi Haris

Time for Cicadas!

25 May

Check out Bug Girl’s Blog about the amazing East Coast cicada invasion!

Stink (Shield) Bugs on Flower

23 May

Here are a couple of pictures I took back in 2011 and had forgotten about.  We were house sitting for some friends and these little guys were all over these flowers.  Perhaps Steve at could help me out in identifying the plant that they are enjoying.

Photo Contest

22 May

Wannabe Entomologist

Have a great photograph of a cool insect or think you have what it takes to get one? Well, you have until the 31st of May to show me what you got.

photo clip

What I’m looking for:

*Professional or amateur, I want to see photos that are interesting. Sure, butterflies on flowers are beautiful but we’ve seen it a hundred times. Think outside the box.

*Composition isn’t everything, but it helps. Remember what your subject is and showcase that.

*Do your homework. Let us know what it is in the photograph. I’m not looking for the scientific/family names, but at least tell me what it’s commonly known as. Some people may be in other countries and have never seen it before.

*We’ll have two categories: Insects and Close-Up.


*No entry fee

*Open to anyone around the globe

*Submissions should be sent via email at:

*Insects category can include arachnids…

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