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Shoo, fly don’t bother me.

31 Jul

So, I guess I’ve got to make good on that promise to find something positive about the insects I despise.  If you missed that post, you can read it HERE.  Well, numero uno on the list was the housefly.  I really could include all flies in my list, but for the sake of time, we’ll stick to the general, buzz-your-head, land-on-your-food, annoying, gross housefly.


Alright, so I did find some interesting stuff out on these guys.

  • Did you know that houseflies existed 65 million years ago? Which happens to also be the time that dinosaurs became extinct.  We can only assume they were just as annoyed as we are with them and perhaps couldn’t take it anymore.  Just a theory.
  • Flies only have two main eyes but each of those contain 4,000 little eyes, or facets.  Now it makes sense how they can continuously land on the exact same spot on your leg while you’re napping.
  • The stage of the fly’s life cycle after the egg is actually called the larval stage.  Fancy word for maggot, if you ask me. Ew.
  • Flies can smell over 750 yards.  Which also explains how there can be not a single fly in the area until you open your lunch…or your dog does his business. Double ew.
  • The housefly’s favourite colour is red.  But considering they land on poo, I’m not sure how much colour really matters.
  • The average housefly lives for approximately 21 days.  Unless he’s in my house because I’m the Fly Ninja.

And last but not least…

Flies are good at detecting movement.  Fast movement is seen as threatening so you’re best bet is to stalk slowly.


Things that make me go, Ew!

29 Jul

Alright, so maybe a real entomologist is able to see the purpose and positive qualities of any insect. But there are a few creatures that I just cannot tolerate, so I decided to bite the bullet and do a few posts on the insects I find revolting.

For today I’ll just list them in order from icky to ickiest. (Sorry for being so technical.)

4. Flies-I know this may sound odd, but I get seriously pissed off offended when a fly lands on my food. My husband calls me the Fly Ninja in our house. Reason being, on a hot day in Australia, you can get anywhere from a couple to four billion flies in your house at any given time. I’ll put up with it for a while but eventually I always end up going on a mass kill.


3. Mosquitos-Those that know me well, know that I’m a fan of Buddhism. Mosquitos are one of the reasons I can’t convert. See, Buddhists believe in reincarnation and if we kill a mosquito, well… And let me tell you the great pleasure I take when I can get the mosquito before he can even get a drop out of me. Not very Buddhist.


2 & 1Maggots & Ticks-I combined these two because I’d be hard pressed to pick which one I find more repulsive. I’ll hold a huge spider, hissing cockroach, any other insect you can think of but don’t even think of making me touch either of those. The only time I pushed past the vomit-inducing, fat, blood-filled, nightmare-causing, make-your-skin-crawl tick, was when my dog had a paralysis tick behind his ear. And more importantly, there was no one else to do it. I believe I took a coat hanger and flicked it off…it was the size of a golf ball. And yes, my dog ended up paralysed from the neck down. I massaged, fed and carried him around for over a week and he’s fully recovered to this day. Tick:0 me:1

And maggots, well I don’t think I need to convince anyone on why I hate dislike them. Oh, and google ‘maggot therapy’. I can’t be the only one to have nightmares now.

So, now that I’ve done my complaining, I’ll do the unthinkable and write some posts on the positive aspects, or interesting facts (if any) on these…things.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Masterpiece

27 Jul

Okay, so apparently I’m a tad behind most in getting these weekly challenges done. So this time I’ll do it a bit earlier.

This week’s theme is ‘Masterpiece’. The definition is: A work of outstanding, artistry, skill, or workmanship.

This is a Golden Orb Weaver’s web. The yellow droplets of liquid you see on the strands is a chemical called 2- pyrrolidinine. This chemical acts as a natural insect repellent to any ants that may think of crossing enemy lines to steal dinner.

Now that is a work of outstanding skill, if you ask me.

Owl Symbolism

26 Jul

So, you know every once in a while I do posts on non-buggy things. Well, this post was prompted by a dream I had.

Sometimes I have dreams that are in real time. And by that, I mean it doesn’t skip around like regular dreams. It actually feels as if I’m in it and living it second by second. The clincher is that in these dreams I’m always doing something boring. I was a waitress for many years and most of the time I’m waitressing in the dream and extremely busy.

In this dream I was packing house. Not sure what house or why, but it was like I was really there and packing boxes in real time. Right before the dream ended, I walked into a room and saw three carved wooden owls on a dresser and was very relieved that I had found them and not forgotten them before moving.

When I woke up, none if it made sense, I couldn’t recognise the house or remember much detail but I did remember the owls. This is a pic of some that seem the closest. But they’re still not exactly right.

Anyway, they stood out so much I decided to look up owl symbolism. Here’s what I found out.

* Owls represent wisdom in early Indian folklore.

* In Greek mythology owls represented protection

* In Native American culture it’s believed owls are the keepers if sacred knowledge.

* In many cultures the owl also represents protection of the dead and is said to accompany spirits to the other side.

So, as you can see, there are many different meanings, and I’m still trying to make heads or tails as to how any of them pertain to me…well, if you believe in that kind of thing. 😉

Any ideas?

Daddy Long Legs

25 Jul

So, here’s another spider post but this guy is nowhere near as intimidating as some of my past blog subjects.

This is the Daddy Long-legs spider (Pholcus phalangioides). I found him chilling up in the corner of the bathroom. For the record, regardless of sex I usually refer to everything as “him”.


Now here’s where being a fan of all things creepy crawly is a bonus because to most people, this guy would just be a mess on the bottom of their shoe. But not only is this little guy completely harmless (to us) but they have a very cool defence mechanism. When disturbed they vibrate, or bounce, in their web. It’s been said they do this to make themselves either appear larger and fool predators or if too large of prey gets stuck in the web.

I’ve used it as a parlour trick when kids come to the house. All you need to do is tap the wall near them or blow on them to get them to do it. Some do it so well they look like a blur. You can see a demonstration of this HERE in this video.

They have many other names; tangle-web, cellar, vibrating and great daddy long-leg spider.

But if you’re looking for a reason to not kill these guys, you should know that they’ve been known to kill redbacks and huntsmen. But it’s not because they are more venomous but rather faster!

With over a thousand species, these guys are found on every continent in the world except Antarctica. We can only assume they’re no good at ice hockey.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Fresh

24 Jul

Fresh: Defined as recently made, produced or harvested. This is a picture of my Peron frog tadpoles. One had just grown fresh legs.


Wee Wannabes

23 Jul

Does your child love all things buggy, furry or feathered? Well, Wannabe Entomologist wants to see your pictures. So dig up those old photos or take some new ones of your little adventurer and email them to: along with their first name, age and favourite insect or animal, and they can be featured in the next post of Wee Wannabes.

And remember, for any of you big people, I’d like to see your photos as well to be featured in ‘Reader’s Photos’.