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Spider Energy

24 Oct

Sometimes a certain creature makes itself known to me over and over. This week it seems spider energy is in abundance. And since this is an equal opportunity blog, yes, spiders get air time.

This week a tiny jumping spider in my kitchen kept turning up. Usually with these ‘jumpy’ guys I can’t even get a picture.  But this guy would jump on my hand and just hang out. Sure, it could be one of twelve spiders that look the same but I like to think it’s the same one ;).


So, that got me thinking, what is  the symbolism with spider?

Spider energy represents:
-the feminine spirit
-dream weaving

According to www. when a spider appears (especially multiple spiders or multiple times) you should ask yourself the following questions:

-Are you weaving your dreams into reality?

-Are you moving toward a central goal or are you scattered and going in multiple directions?

-Are you becoming too involved and or self-absorbed?

-Are you focusing on others’ accomplishments and not on your own?

-Do you need to write or draw and are not following through?

-Are you developing resentment because of it – for yourself or for them?

All very good questions-a few of which make a lot of sense to my life at the moment.

So, do you see a lot of spiders? Is there an insect or animal that seems to appear a lot in your life?

The Emergence!

15 Oct

Today got off to an amazing start. I went to check on the chrysalis as usual and noticed this…


Can you see the wings??
And I read that once you can see the wings through the chrysalis, the emerging happens quickly. So, of course I was stalking it as I was trying to get two kids ready for school and get a baby dressed.  And wouldn’t you know it, I missed the actual unveiling!

I’ve watched this thing go from caterpillar to chrysalis and patiently checked on it multiple times a day just to be able to see it happen. But nature has a clock of her own and you’ve got to be diligent (and quick) to keep up.

And, as the website(s) had warned, I went back in to find a perfect butterfly resting on the empty chrysalis. 


And, although I cursed myself for taking too long making toast this morning, I was truly happy to see it there.

I took it outside, after I saw some wing movement, and placed it in the Mock Orange bush where it continued to dry its wings and eventually flew away and onto the rest of its life.



Here’s a picture of the evolution from caterpillar to butterfly.


Common Crow caterpillar and chrysalis

13 Oct

My mother-in-law’s yard had the most insect activity I had seen since leaving Byfield.  One thing I saw quite regularly, on a few different plants, was the Common Crow caterpillar. I was actually lucky enough to be there long enough to see one form its chrysalis.  (Butterflies form a chrysilas,  moths form a cocoon.)


Common Crow caterpillar


Day 1 of chrysalis


Day 2 of chrysalis

My mother-in-law hadn’t seen these since her childhood in Julia Creek when they were on the Oleander bushes on her family’s property.  And the best part? My awesome mum-in-law let me chop off the branch the chrysalis was on so I could bring it home. I’m still waiting on the butterfly’s arrival but am having lots of fun watching it.

               More to come!

Shield bug mother and babies

12 Oct

So while on school holidays visiting the grandparents, I had to bring my Spiny Leafs.  Knowing they needed daily misting and new leaves every couple of days, it was the only choice. (Everyone travels with their bugs, right?)   I had no problem feeding them since the town we visited was simply overflowing with gum trees.  I had also read that if you feed them leaves from the wattle family the Spiny’s will turn green instead of brown.  Eager to test this out, I brought the kids and Grammy along for an excursion to relieve a local tree of a few of its branches.

While holding one of the branches with a lovely yellow bloom on it, my oldest excitedly told me she found “a bug mama and babies!!”



You can see all of the adorable babies underneath Mom in the above picture.


In this picture we can even see the egg casings.

I did a little research and I can confidently say the insect is a Shield bug.  I’m going to guess a Brown Long-headed Shield bug.

And let me tell you, she was a good guardian of those little ones.  If I put a finger on the left side of the leaf, she would lean her body over to that side to keep me and the babies on opposite sides.  And she never budged from that spot.  And the babies even stayed put, for the most part.


In case you’re wondering, we did relocate her and bubs to a new tree that they could feel safe in and still feed from.

Winner announcement!!

5 Oct

Well, after the flood (see Trickle) of new followers to the blog, I wrote everyone’s name on a little slip of paper (see Advanced Technology) and had the oldest draw one out.


And the winner is…

A.D. Martin!!!

So, A.D. please contact me at

to let me know which of the following you choose for your prize.

Real cicada framed picture.

Real cicada framed picture.

Dragonfly bracelet

Dragonfly bracelet

Real scorpion cuff links

Real scorpion cuff links

Thanks to all of the new, and old, followers who read, comment and follow the blog.

Stay tuned for my blog post on all of the wonderful creepy crawly finds I’ve encountered on the recent school holiday visit to the grandparent’s house.  I haven’t seen this much insect action since I lived in the Byfield rainforest!  I LOVE Spring!