Calling the spider doctor!

27 Aug

So, last week I found a 4-legged TINY wolf spider in the hallway of my house. For the record, it was missing 3 legs on one side, and one of the other…so it was a tad lopsided. It was just sitting in the hallway not trying to run for cover at all. I knew it probably wasn’t going to make it. And then I decided to do something that is the exact reason some people think I’m nuts-I decided to adopt poor little Wolfie.

I had no idea if he’d make it, but I spent the next few days making sure he had enough water and fruit flies to give survival a good go.

And guess what? Today I found out he’d molted and had even regrown 3 of the missing limbs! (You can tell which ones they are by the lighter colour.)



So, we’ll see how Wolfie does over the coming weeks. Hopefully leg #8 will make an appearance in the next molt.

One Response to “Calling the spider doctor!”

  1. michaelmarlow August 27, 2015 at 8:57 pm #

    That’s awesome, Lisa. Good luck to you and Wolfie, I hope he gets back #8 too.

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