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Goliath Stick insect nymph

12 Sep

These guys are hatching so quickly now! I’m trying to get more video of these and the Spiny Leaf’s hatching, so be patient. Just couldnt help share a quick little picture with you all. They probably aren’t more than an inch long. 🙂


Dragonfly Symbolism

4 Sep


So, after seeing a few dragonflies the last few days, I decided to find out what they mean symbolically…I mean, besides that Spring is coming.

A few of the meanings associated with dragonflies are as follows:





-Good luck


Dragonflies represent getting beyond self-made limitations to reveal your destiny.  They symbolize change and remind us to not resist it but to go with the flow, like the dragonfly is carried with the wind.

And even if you don’t believe in any of this, how can you deny that holding such a beautiful creature in your hand is at least, maybe, a little good luck?

Seriously big dragonfly

Seriously big dragonfly