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Spiny leaf (Extatosoma tiaratum) hatchling!

12 Aug

Today one of my Spiny Leaf insect (Extatosoma tiaratum) eggs hatched!! I got the first ones in January from my captive-raised females, so it’s been a long wait. Was very surprised to see this adorable baby in the conatainer this morning. I didn’t get very many eggs before the adults passed, but hoping they are all viable.


The naming of the Spiny’s!

21 Sep

So, quick post to update everyone on what I decided to call my three gorgeous Spiny Leaf’s. I’d like to thank everyone who had suggestions, either here or on Facebook, but I’ve decided on the following:


This beautiful girl will be called Lucy. Partly because my daughter Charlie came up with it on her own and also, to pay homage to an Aunt of mine (yes, named Lucy) who is the polar opposite of me when it comes to insects.  So, what’s funnier than naming one after her?


This guy will be named Ricky. And for those of you old enough, you’ll know why. But as a funny aside, my uncle, who is married to my Aunt Lucy, is also named Rick! Funny, huh?


And, last but not least, this guy shall be named Groot.  Thanks again to my pal Michael on this suggestion. If you’ve seen the movie Guardians of the Universe, this choice will be a Keanu Reeves ‘whoaaaa’ moment.

So, there you have them.  All named and feeding happily on eucalypts in their home in my office.  And besides probably being annoyed with me for wanting to hold them a hundred times a day, they seem to be relaxing into their new space.