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Common Crow butterfly chrysalis

9 Mar

Recently I found a Common Crow (Euploea core) caterpillar.


Euploea core caterpillar

I decided to track the progress of the amazing chrysalis they make. A beautiful, golden metallic colour, that looks more like a piece of jewelry than anything else.


Euploea core chrysalis

Progess above from Day 1 to about Day 9.

And finally, a beautiful Common Crow butterfly emerges.


The Emergence!

15 Oct

Today got off to an amazing start. I went to check on the chrysalis as usual and noticed this…


Can you see the wings??
And I read that once you can see the wings through the chrysalis, the emerging happens quickly. So, of course I was stalking it as I was trying to get two kids ready for school and get a baby dressed.  And wouldn’t you know it, I missed the actual unveiling!

I’ve watched this thing go from caterpillar to chrysalis and patiently checked on it multiple times a day just to be able to see it happen. But nature has a clock of her own and you’ve got to be diligent (and quick) to keep up.

And, as the website(s) had warned, I went back in to find a perfect butterfly resting on the empty chrysalis. 


And, although I cursed myself for taking too long making toast this morning, I was truly happy to see it there.

I took it outside, after I saw some wing movement, and placed it in the Mock Orange bush where it continued to dry its wings and eventually flew away and onto the rest of its life.



Here’s a picture of the evolution from caterpillar to butterfly.


Common Crow caterpillar and chrysalis

13 Oct

My mother-in-law’s yard had the most insect activity I had seen since leaving Byfield.  One thing I saw quite regularly, on a few different plants, was the Common Crow caterpillar. I was actually lucky enough to be there long enough to see one form its chrysalis.  (Butterflies form a chrysilas,  moths form a cocoon.)


Common Crow caterpillar


Day 1 of chrysalis


Day 2 of chrysalis

My mother-in-law hadn’t seen these since her childhood in Julia Creek when they were on the Oleander bushes on her family’s property.  And the best part? My awesome mum-in-law let me chop off the branch the chrysalis was on so I could bring it home. I’m still waiting on the butterfly’s arrival but am having lots of fun watching it.

               More to come!