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Pretty little jumper

13 Sep

Is this not one of the prettiest jumping spiders (Salticidae) you’ve ever seen? ūüėć


Spider Energy

24 Oct

Sometimes a certain creature makes itself known to me over and over. This week it seems spider energy is in abundance. And since this is an equal opportunity blog, yes, spiders get air time.

This week a tiny jumping spider in my kitchen kept turning up. Usually with these ‘jumpy’ guys I can’t even get a picture.¬† But this guy would jump on my hand and just hang out. Sure, it could be one of twelve spiders that look the same but I like to think it’s the same one ;).


So, that got me thinking, what is  the symbolism with spider?

Spider energy represents:
-the feminine spirit
-dream weaving

According to www.http://www.pure-spirit.com when a spider appears (especially multiple spiders or multiple times) you should ask yourself the following questions:

-Are you weaving your dreams into reality?

-Are you moving toward a central goal or are you scattered and going in multiple directions?

-Are you becoming too involved and or self-absorbed?

-Are you focusing on others’ accomplishments and not on your own?

-Do you need to write or draw and are not following through?

-Are you developing resentment because of it ‚Äď for yourself or for them?

All very good questions-a few of which make a lot of sense to my life at the moment.

So, do you see a lot of spiders? Is there an insect or animal that seems to appear a lot in your life?


11 Nov

Found this little jumping spider while searching for caterpillars on the gardenia bush.¬† As you can see, he’s made himself a nice little meal trap from one of the gardenia buds.

november 2013 008

Did you know that jumping spiders make up the largest family of spiders?  They have 5000 described species!

Macro Jumping Spider

5 Nov

Well, still dealing with some MAJOR computer problems but am slowly getting back to at least usable.¬† Let’s just say the old girl got a “cold”.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you this awesome (if I do say so myself) picture of a teeny jumping spider that was making his way across my office wall.¬† Well, until he saw the camera and all but stopped to pose.¬† I flashed it since the room was a bit dark and got these great shadows.¬† My estimation was that he was around .5cm long.



The Jumping Spider

18 May

So, today during my “I gave birth three weeks ago and rarely get out of the house and need some vitamin D” trek through the backyard, I happened upon this little guy.¬† And when I say little, I mean maybe less than a half an inch long.¬† I’m surprised I even spotted it.

jumping spider

So, I figured it was some sort of jumping spider, and after doing my research I am confident only in saying that.  Apparently there are 4,000-5,000 different species of jumping spiders and after trolling through a good number of those, I may have this guy narrowed down to one in either the Cytaea xanthopus or Opisthoncus polyphemus species.

Here’s a closer look.

jumping spider

And believe me when I say that there were lots that were close to this but not exact.  Normally my lack of insane knowledge of insects and arachnids is something I love because, call me crazy, I love the research. The hunt of narrowing it down from a virtual world of information.  But to the untrained eye, sometimes it can be like telling the difference between two brown horses, but with a few more eyes.

So, for my inability to nail down exactly which species of jumping spider this is, I’ll leave you all with this.

Happy Spider

smiling jumping spider

Photo credit: forum.xcitefun.net