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Ladybug in macro

5 Aug

I first have to apologise for the absence lately.  My best friend from America is visiting and it’s also my birthday today.  But, excuses be gone.  I’m not a fan of bloggers who constantly take leave and give excuses, so this will be my first and only.  Cut me a break?

Anyway, for my birthday, the hubby hooked me up with my very first macro!!!!!!! See how excited I am? I wrote that all in italics.  And although I didn’t find much in the way of subjects today, I did get a good shot of a Ladybug…even if it was just her back.  So, I wanted to share.

Ladybug (Ladybird)

Ladybug (Ladybird)

Also, can you see the Pringles guy on the back of the shell?



My aphid annihilator

7 Jun

So, while stalking my veggie garden for creatures to photograph ( I should have been weeding instead) I found this little guy…

Ladybird Beetle

Ladybird Beetle

And besides being a lazy gardener, I’m a very uneducated one as well.  So, after I noticed a couple of my tomatoes had holes in them, I looked up whether these cute little buggers were to blame.  I found out that not only are they innocent but ladybugs actually EAT the guilty!  In their lifetime, these guys will eat up to 1,000 aphids-little bugs that suck the life force (sap) from your tomato plants!

So, I guess he’s staying…

And the winners are…

1 Jun

I know that everyone who holds contests always says this, but I really mean it when I say that it was close.  I was surprised at not only the quality of the photos but the subjects.  Thanks to everyone that participated but at the end of the day I had to pick two winners.  So, without further ado…

The winner of the ‘Insect’ category and the proud owner of The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Insects is

Tanya Jeffrey from Tieri Queensland, Australia with her photo of a Ladybird Beetle


And the winner of the ‘Close-up’ category and proud new owner of the Close-up Photography in Nature book is

April Westcott from Avon, Indiana USA with her photo Tongue of the Purple Iris.


Congratulations Tanya and April!

Although I don’t have prizes for them, I decided to post a few of the pictures I thought deserved an honourable mention.

Alexandra Calistru-Romania

Alexandra Calistru-Romania

Anne Johnson-Michigan USA

Anne Johnson-Michigan USA

Kevin Love-USA

Kevin Love-USA

Stay tuned for our next photo competition in July!  Bigger and better prizes!