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Spring has sprung!

23 Aug

Spring is definitely here in Australia! So far I’ve had my Spiny leaf (Extatosoma tiaratums) eggs start hatching.


Then a praying mantis ooth I’ve kept finally hatched into around 20 tiny, adorable baby mantids.


And now my Goliath Stick insect (Eurynema goliath) eggs have begun to hatch. What an exciting week!!

Cecropia Moth-North America’s largest moth

25 Jan


photo credit: Wormspit.com

This is the Cecropia Moth whose wingspan can reach in excess of five inches. Living for a short time of only a week to ten days, the Cecropia moth’s sole purpose is to pro-create.

I found a website where the entire life, from egg to moth, is documented with amazing close-up pictures.

You can find it here ——> http://www.wormspit.com/cecropia.htm