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Quiz answers and bug nerd shout outs

14 Aug

So what were your answers?

















The answers are as follows:

1. F, 2. H, 3. B, 4. G, 5. A, 6. E, 7. C, 8. D

1. Bird-dropping (Death’s head) spider

2. Ladybug (beetle) larvae

3. Rhinoceros beetle larvae

4. Mountain katydid

5. Pollen and nectar feeding katydid

6. Whip spider

7. Early instar of an owfly

8. Giant huntsman on my face

Okay, so maybe you were only able to get #8…I did put it in there for a freebie.  (And in case you think I’m completely crazy, you should know that the huntsman was dead…so I’m only half crazy.)

And don’t feel bad, I did not know 1-7 myself before researching them.  But that’s the fun, isn’t it?

We had a couple of people guess all of them correctly, so a special WE shout out to Marc at entomacrographic and to Drhoz.

**Be sure to click on the above links (1-8) to find out more about the featured creatures.**

(All photos property of Lisa Vankula-Donovan unless otherwise stated.)

So, what was it?

8 Oct

oct 2013 018

A caterpillar? Nope.

A piece of belly button lint? Wrong again.

And I’m not even sure any of you were able to find out (quickly) because it took me a while.

It is….

Ladybug (ladybird) larvae!!! Specifically a ladybug called the Mealy Bug Destroyer. Pretty cool name, huh? And a little funny that it’s a name of a teeny cute wittle ladybug.

“Lisa, what’s a mealy bug?” I hear you asking in my mind where I have tons of curious readers. A mealy bug, strangely enough, looks like this…

Photo credit: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au

Look alike, don’t they? See, these little cuties do some bad things to certain plants. The excrete something called honeydew (don’t worry, the melons at the grocery are fine) which is the name for the secretion of sap-feeding insects. This honeydew causes sooty mould on the plant.

The cool thing is that the female Destroyer lays her eggs next to the mealy bugs egg sac. And even cooler than that is the Destroyer and their larvae both feed on mealy bugs and their honeydew! So, now you know why they’re called Mealybug Destroyers. Infiltrate the camp and take them down from the inside!

I found these Destroyers on my Gardenia plant in the front yard. Upon inspection I couldn’t find any mealy bugs so they must be doing their job.