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Plume moth-Family Pterophoridae

25 Sep

Plume moths are one of the most unique moths, in that when they are at rest, they hold their wings (which they roll up) lateral to their body, creating their signature resting ‘T’ shape.

I found this large plume moth resting on my kitchen window.

Saunders Case Moth-Metura elongatus

23 Jun

Uni studies have me pretty swamped anymore, but I had to share my latest find. Here’s a video of a Saunders Case Moth caterpillar I found on an evergreen tree. These guys are usually timid and hide when you approach, but this cutie actually came out for a play.

These case moth caterpillars are one of the largest in Australia, with their cases sometimes reaching 12-15 cm (5-6 inches) long! You can see in the video the caterpillar is nothing to sneeze at either , although as an adult moth they surprisingly small.


The male will pupate and then leave the case to find a suitable mate. The female, who is wingless, will stay in her case indefinitely and await her prince.

Vine Hawk Moth

6 Aug

Probably one of my favourite types of moth is the Hawk moths. This beautiful specimen is called the Vine Hawk moth. Notice the subtle pink on the inner wings.