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Bush walk snaps

30 Sep

Today I took the kiddos out for a bush walk to see what goodies we could find.  It seemed at first it was all for naught, but then things picked up speed.


Casemoth/bagworm caterpillar and case.

We keep points whenever someone spots something, and CJ came out of the gates strong with the Casemoth caterpillar spotting and then…



this beautiful dragonfly. The kids got an eye.


Tree-running Mantid - Ciulfina sp.

Next up we saw this beautiful Tree-running Mantid. I just love how the colour blends with the tree.



We found this cicada moments after spotting an exoskelton. Which my brave girl put on her shirt like a broach.


Next we found this assassin bug nymph. Such little pieces of artwork.


Assassin bug nymph

Some of you may have no idea what this next thing is, and I didn’t at first, but this is the secret hideaway of the Spittle bug.


Spittle bug hideout

The Spittle bug is in the Family Aphrophorid, in the order Hemiptera. (Think Leafhopper) These nymphs form a little cubby of spittle around themselves to protect from predators and dehydration; it is theorized. I see a lot of these in pine trees.


And lastly, a picture of three happy, bush-walking, insect-hunting kiddos.

Spring has sprung!

23 Aug

Spring is definitely here in Australia! So far I’ve had my Spiny leaf (Extatosoma tiaratums) eggs start hatching.


Then a praying mantis ooth I’ve kept finally hatched into around 20 tiny, adorable baby mantids.


And now my Goliath Stick insect (Eurynema goliath) eggs have begun to hatch. What an exciting week!!

Praying Mantis loves cars

22 Jan

Movies like Kung Fu Panda really humanize animals and insects.  Of course we all remember Mantis.  The once impatient, hot head who changed his ways after having to sit in a cage for months, thanks to those mean old crocs.

Well, take a look at this video.  It’s a praying mantis who seems very interested in the cars going by.   Is he just attracted by the noise or do you think he’d love to have a go?


Mantis in Macro

11 Sep

Alright, after this post I promise to get back to doing informative ones.  I’m just having so much fun with my new macro that it’s hard for me to want to do anything but share some of the shots.  Seriously, you should thank the big man upstairs this is an entomology blog because if you could see all the things I’m taking macro pictures of…  (Hint: I never even knew a belly button could hold that much lint!)

I’m kidding…or am I?

Anyway, I wanted to share some macro mantis pictures with you since it seems to be the season for them.  I had one that I thought was going to be the best that was of the mantis’ antennae blowing in the wind and it looked like his head was leaning back enjoying it.  But wouldn’t you know, the one photo I wanted to turn out was blurry.  To all my photog friends, I promise to study more on the macro thang soon.  But to the amateur eye, these are pretty boss.  Oh yea…



Seriously, look at the eye ball!  They watch you.

Seriously, look at the eye ball! They watch you.

Alright, here’s the blurry “blowing in the wind” one. It stinks but I still find it funny.


And I’ll leave you on a high note.  Check this one out…BAM!

Bath time.

Bath time.

My Top 3

2 Sep

Some girls have favourite designers, I have favourite insects. I know I probably use that word with a lot of them from time to time but I do have three that I really get excited to find.

So, for this quick post, I’ll start with number 3-who just happened to show up at my house today.

The Praying Mantis


The only thing to fear is what we’re taught.

21 Jul

I know that the way I am with bugs, insects, birds, spiders etc. etc., is not the norm.  I knew it the first time I posted a picture on Facebook of a large Huntsman spider, thinking how big, beautiful and cool it was, only to be slammed by comment after comment along the lines of, “ick”, “yuck” or “creepy”.

Anyway, I truly believe that our fears, for the most part, are taught to us.  If we see our mother scream and jump onto a chair at the sight of a tiny mouse, we will probably end up feeling the same way.  Although I blame Stephen King for my irrational fear of clowns.  (see ‘It’)

And since I am a real nerd when it comes to all things nature, my two daughters are just as eager to explore as I am.  So, for this post, I thought I would share a few pictures of my little ones being braver than most adults I know.  Sometimes they held things voluntarily (the blonde one once picked up a wasp on her own-now we agree we check with Mom first) and sometimes it takes a little push.  But, as you can see, they always end up doing it.


Charlie pretending to eat the grasshopper.

IMG_1988 IMG_1675 IMG_1833 IMG_1555 IMG_1676 IMG_1298 IMG_1554 IMG_1293 IMG_1628

Mantids by Scott Cromwell

14 Jul

This post deserves a Reblog…

Wannabe Entomologist

Alright, so today I get to show you some more of those amazing Scott Cromwell mantis photos. I thought you’d like to see more of his Orchid mantis work, but I’ve also added in a few pictures of other types of mantids that you may not have ever seen or heard of. My personal favourites are the Devil’s Flower mantis (otherwise known as Idolomantis diabolica-how cool is that name?) and the Ghost mantis.

But first, a quick word from Scott Cromwell, the man behind these (and many other) amazing photos.

“I have been raising mantids for two years [and] been obsessed with photography for about a dozen. I’ve been interested in shooting macro most of that time and, of course, shooting my dogs. Getting my older Labrador as a puppy is what got me started in photography more than anything.”

You can check out these and many more unbelievable shots…

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