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Orb Spider (Nephila maculata) on my face video going viral!

1 Nov

Well, recently I did a video of my Wuelfing stick insect (juvenile) walking around on my head.  It got such a crazy response from my friends, I decided to up the ante.  Why not put my beautiful orb spider, Coraline, on my head and really freak people out?  (I blame my love for Stephen King for this love of making people’s skin crawl.) As many of you may not know, this spider, despite appearances, is actually a very docile creature.  They’re not aggressive and not ready biters, although they are venomous and fully capable of biting.  But, their venom is not considered medically significant, like say a Redback.

So, I posted this video to YouTube so I could share it with my friends on Facebook.  Then I posted it on Reddit.  Somewhere in there, it went viral…ish.  Right now it’s sitting at just under 73,000 views.   I’ve been interviewed by the local news station, local newspaper, the story has been run on everything from The Daily Mail to MTV.com.  I’m not sure how these phenomenons happen, but it’s pretty crazy that it’s my silly mug on the viral video of the minute.

So, here’s a look at the video that’s causing such a stir.  ***Remember, these spiders are venomous and should not be handled by anyone not experienced with insect and spider handling.***

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

15 Nov

Okay, so I may have to change the name of this blog to Wannabe Arachnologist seeing that all I seem to post anymore is spiders.  But (and don’t tell the insects this) spiders are just fabulous models.  Probably because while I’m taking photos they’re judging the distance from where they’re standing to my face.

I found this little cutie inside my house, as usual, so I relocated it to the patio for the photo shoot.  It was about the size of a US quarter, or Aussie twenty-cent piece.  It looks a lot bigger in the picture because of my awesome macro lens.

The challenge for “Eerie” is finished but I still wanted to post this pic even though I actually think it’s really cute looking, with all those eyes and fuzz.  But most people would categorize this a little differently.

Hey, how are ya?

Hey, how are ya?

Spider eyes, they’re watching you.

29 Aug

Okay, sorry for the lame Hall & Oates reference in the title.  Or for creeping you out.

Anyway, the other day I noticed this little guy in my baby’s bouncy seat…

hunstman seatYou can’t tell from the picture but he was about the size of a fifty cent piece.  And that little lip of cloth you see just above his right front leg is this little head rest where my child would have laid his head a few minutes later.  And if you know anything about Huntsmen, they just love to flatten out and lay in inconspicuous places like that.

But luckily, he was just on his way there.  Had I been a bit later walking into the room, I may be telling a different story.

But seeing this guy got me thinking.  We all know spiders have eyes, lots of them. But how well do they see?  This guy seemed to spot me coming from across the room but I’m sure mama’s anger/panic/excitement must have been shooting off some serious vibes.  Spiders pick up vibes right? Wait, that’s hippies.

But before relocating Spidey to a more fitting location outside, I, of course, had to grab my new macro and take a few shots.

Good night, sleep tight.  Don't forget the bedroom light...

Good night, sleep tight. Don’t forget the bedroom light…


So, exactly how good do spiders see? Here are some fun facts.

*Most spiders have 8 eyes, although some have 6 or fewer.  The Huntsman above, as you can see, has 8 in which to see you with.

*Very few spiders, despite all those eyes, actually have good eyesight.

*To hunt, most spiders rely on touch, vibration and taste stimuli.

*Wolf spiders and Net casting spiders have one to two sets of eyes specially equipped for night vision.

*Spiders have ‘simple’ eyes, which means each eye has only one lens unlike the many-lensed, compound eye.

*Jumping spiders are one type that do have really good eyesight.  Great, good eyesight and they jump, right?

*If you shine a flashlight into a wolf spider’s eyes, they will reflect back like a dog’s eyes. So those red eyes in the dark really may be something scary…if you think spider’s are scary.