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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

15 Nov

Okay, so I may have to change the name of this blog to Wannabe Arachnologist seeing that all I seem to post anymore is spiders.  But (and don’t tell the insects this) spiders are just fabulous models.  Probably because while I’m taking photos they’re judging the distance from where they’re standing to my face.

I found this little cutie inside my house, as usual, so I relocated it to the patio for the photo shoot.  It was about the size of a US quarter, or Aussie twenty-cent piece.  It looks a lot bigger in the picture because of my awesome macro lens.

The challenge for “Eerie” is finished but I still wanted to post this pic even though I actually think it’s really cute looking, with all those eyes and fuzz.  But most people would categorize this a little differently.

Hey, how are ya?

Hey, how are ya?

Weekly Photo Challenge-Good Morning!

9 Oct

This one was tough challenge for me. Mainly because of the fact that it’s “Good Morning” and I have an adorable baby boy who I take pictures of nearly every morning. I know you, my loyal readers would have let that slide but I thought I’d stick with the entomology slant as I’ve done with (most of) the other challenges.

And before you go saying, “Lisa, this picture has a horse in it and last I checked, horses don’t fall under the entomology umbrella.”

And you’re right, they don’t. But you tell me that there aren’t probably thousands of insects somewhere in that picture…just hidden.

I should have been a lawyer.

Anyway, here’s a picture of our back paddock on a foggy morning. That’s our horse Gus waiting for me to serve him his breakfast.


Weekly Photo Challenge-Unusual POV (Point of view)

10 Sep

This week’s challenge is about a photo having an unusual point of view.  A POV in photography is described as:

“Point of view in photography simply means the position from which the camera sees the scene.”

The photo I chose doesn’t necessarily have an unusual position, but an unusual focus.  The subject is the frog but the secondary subject, my good friend Astrid, is almost equally important to this photo in a different way.  I wanted the focus to be on the frog but have her also be a presence…otherwise I just would have zoomed in on the frog.  In this case, I wanted the background of her holding and looking at the little fella to play an indirect role in the overall photo.  Creative, huh?  I know. Sometimes I get all artsy like that.


Weekly Photo Challenge-Focus

27 Aug



Noun meaning:
The centre of interest or activity
Now, as a lot of us bloggers are, by default it seems, also amateur photographers, I’m guessing most of the posts this week will focus on the photographic version of ‘focus’…see how I did that?
Aaaaand, I hate to say that besides the clever use of the word ‘focus’ above, I didn’t think much outside that box this week.  But that’s mainly because I had a photo that I really wanted to use.  Even if it is…typical.
But what makes this picture different, is that it also is an example of pareidolia.  And since, like me, you probably have no idea what that word means, I will explain and you’ll say to yourself, “Oh, yeah!”
Pareidolia is the tendency to see faces in inanimate objects.  Now, this picture does not have a human face and is not an inanimate object but according to Blogger Loophole #343, which states that anything close to the truth is the truth because we “read it on the internet”, I’m allowed to bend the rules as I see fit.
So, without further ado, here is my contribution to this week’s challenge.
Moth with lion face.

Moth with lion face.

Now, is it just me, or does it look like there’s a lion face on the back of this moth?
Not moth, real lion.

Not moth, real lion.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice faces on insects; it seems everything has a disguise these days.   There are the butterflies with ‘eyes’ on their wings, spiders that mimic ants, and bloggers that pretend to be actual writers. (Not me, of course.)
I’d also like to brag about how I purposely zeroed in on that ‘lion’ on the moth’s back and deliberately left the rest of the picture out of focus.  But, to be honest, I’m just trying to figure out my new macro lens and combined with my whatever-the-opposite-of-20/20-eyesight-is, I was just shooting a hail mary.  A great photographer once told me, you’ll take a hundred pictures just to get that one.
There’s my ‘one’…hope you like it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

17 Aug


Adjective meaning: Free from anxiety
This is my definition of carefree.
chill froggie

Weekly Photo Challenge-Masterpiece

27 Jul

Okay, so apparently I’m a tad behind most in getting these weekly challenges done. So this time I’ll do it a bit earlier.

This week’s theme is ‘Masterpiece’. The definition is: A work of outstanding, artistry, skill, or workmanship.

This is a Golden Orb Weaver’s web. The yellow droplets of liquid you see on the strands is a chemical called 2- pyrrolidinine. This chemical acts as a natural insect repellent to any ants that may think of crossing enemy lines to steal dinner.

Now that is a work of outstanding skill, if you ask me.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Fresh

24 Jul

Fresh: Defined as recently made, produced or harvested. This is a picture of my Peron frog tadpoles. One had just grown fresh legs.


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

19 Jul

It just so happens that this week I got some pretty cool photos during what I would call the golden hour.  And if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I also include the furry and feathered in my posts.


DSC_0093-002 DSC_0096-002 DSC_0098-002 DSC_0099-002

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

4 Jul

This week’s challenge revolves around the word ‘companionable’.  This is defined by dictionary.com as, “possessing the qualities of a good companion; pleasant to be with; congenial.”  The World English Dictionary defines it as, “sociable.” Now  remember, I’m making these weekly challenges involve my love for insects and wildlife so although you might not agree, in my world it makes perfect sense.  😉

Here’s one of the most companionable guys I know…Chill Froggy (This is a self-portrait so it counts 🙂 )

chill froggie

Weekly Photo Challenge: The world through your eyes

25 Jun

So, this week the challenge was for us to show you the world through our eyes and to direct the eye somewhere. This picture was chosen because in my world, these are things I see. I feel the photo draws your eyes in and leads them down the row of the cicada exoskeletons.