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What is it?

29 Jun

It’s time for another round of…

What is it?

This is a picture of something I found hanging around outside my door when we lived in the Byfield Rainforest. Other than that, you get no hints.


Wattle Moth

28 Jun

This is the Wattle moth.

20130628-220144.jpg Photo

Would you believe it used to look like this?

20130628-220421.jpgPhoto credit:

The Wattle moth starts life as this beautiful, yet intimidating caterpillar. Its sting is said to be as painful as multiple wasps stings. Even more interesting is that it gets its toxicity from the plants that it eats. But don’t worry, it soon turns into the mediocre looking moth above and is completely harmless.

Common House Centipede

27 Jun

A friend of mine, Jen, sent in the following photo of a centipede she found at her house. It’s a bit blurry but if you knew Jen, it’s a miracle the girl even took the time to take the picture at all…before he went to bug heaven. Yes, she went there.

But I forgive her. He’s an intimidating character for the non-bugger.

But, other than running at a freakishly fast rate (hopefully not in your direction) these guys don’t pose much of a threat. If by chance you do get bitten, it’s little worse than a bee sting. Good thing is, these guys will pretty much eat all the other bugs you don’t want in and around your home.

I’m not sure about you, but even I’m a bit unsure if I would want these guys helping me with bug control!

Photo credit:

In’sex’ in Advertising

26 Jun

Ever wonder if anyone has ever done bug-themed advertising? (I mean, besides pest control companies.)

Take a look at these.

Here’s an ad from the UK on skin disease.


This next one is for LG Rumor phones with Heidi Klum



Now, although the ad is somewhat shocking, I believe the French ad about AIDS and the dangers of unprotected sex gets its point across.

French Aids Ads 1-001

Weekly Photo Challenge: The world through your eyes

25 Jun

So, this week the challenge was for us to show you the world through our eyes and to direct the eye somewhere. This picture was chosen because in my world, these are things I see. I feel the photo draws your eyes in and leads them down the row of the cicada exoskeletons.


Praying Mantis Symbolism

24 Jun

I’ve often said that when you hold a praying mantis, it seems as though they are looking into your soul; they appear to be as curious about you as you are of them.  This has been my experience with every one that I have held so I was curious to see what they symbolized.


Photo copyright Lisa Vankula Donovan


* Mantis is the Greek word for ‘prophet’ or ‘seer’.

* In Arabic culture the mantis points pilgrims to Mecca.

* The praying mantis is the oldest symbol of God.

* The mantis represents patience (if you’ve seen Kung Fu Panda-Secrets of the Furious Five you’ll understand that)

* When the mantis shows up in your life it’s asking you to direct your energy, thoughts and actions in a different way.


“Meet the eye of a mantis and feel the presence of God.” -Sharon Callahan