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What is it?

28 Sep

Quick post to ask if you can teĺl me what is in this picture.  There are actually a couple of things going on here but I’ll post the answer and more pictures tomorrow.


What is it?

21 Nov

Today’s post is a good one.  In my daily insect search through the yard’s bushes and trees, I spotted this.

november macro 034

The hubby voted that it was bird poop and had quite a laugh at me taking a thousand photos of it.  You more experienced ‘wannabes’ out there might be able to get this one.  I had two guesses and one was way off.

I’ll give you a shot of one side and the other side.  And the only thing I can tell you was that it did not move…at all.  I blew on it, waved the leaf around, nothing.  (That poop guess was starting to loom over me.) This was all before and during the photo shoot.  I’ll add the rest of the story in the follow-up post.

Here’s another angle.


november macro 035


What is it?

3 Oct

Well, we’ve got two days left until the big reveal!  I know it’s taking long and that’s mostly because I’m having to do some of the web design myself.  I’m versed in WordPress but I’d say it’s more along the lines of “getting by” rather than being fluent.  So, it’s a learning curve.

And since I feel like I’m making everyone wait, I thought I’d throw in a What is it? in the meantime.

Any of my facebook pals might have some idea what this is since I’ve been photographing something in particular lately on my newly identified Gardenia bush.  I’ve taken tons of really cool pictures that I will be sharing in a later post of that mystery subject.

When I first saw this from afar I thought it was a spot of bird dooty.  But upon further inspection of the maybe 1cm long thing, I realized it was in fact alive. Da, da duuuuuuuuum.

So, what is it??

oct 2013 018

What is it?

12 Sep

I took this picture while living in Byfield.  I knew it had to be something insect related, or aliens were leaving clues and I was not smart enough to figure it out…one of the two. I apologize for the quality of the picture, it was up high and I’m not.

Anyway, you pro-buggers out there won’t have any problem with this and it was easy enough for me to find out.  So, I ask that you keep hush-hush and let the amateurs give it a go.  Casey Mae, do you know?  No Googling, please, just give it a guess.   The winner gets a mention and a jar of my delish homemade salsa next time you’re in Australia.  Until then, I’ll take a picture of myself eating it, for you.  You’re welcome.

Sooo, what is it?


What is it?

23 Aug

So, I saw this thing when was at the hospital getting blood work done about a month ago. I didn’t bring my phone in so I couldn’t get a picture and had to be happy instead to sit in awe, telling my girls about it and a passing nurse, who honestly did not look impressed. I had only seen these in pictures before and was very excited to spot one so in the open and in such an odd place. I feel some of you may be able to guess what it is vaguely but not specifically. Make sense? It will.

So, I recently paid another visit to the hospital and was shocked to still see it there. Lucky me, I had my phone. So, what is it??

What is it?

26 May

Here we go for another round of, What is it?

This picture was sent to me by a reader named Nazmi in the hopes that I could pinpoint what it was.  Normally I am pretty good at narrowing things down but this one had me Stumped.  (Notice the capital ‘s’?)  I couldn’t find a thing.  I did run across a couple of pictures like it but the people didn’t tag it or name it.

So, I enlarged the pic, looked at it from every angle, visited every insect site on the net (obviously not every one), asked the reader for more photos, which they obliged AND sent me a great video as well…and nothing.  Not even a link to a cousin.  So, I’m going to throw it out there that I don’t think any of you can even come close to figuring this one out.  No cheating and no asking someone with a degree.  Which honestly, is probably the only way you’ll find out.

I’ll just end this by saying that I did find out what it was thanks to a fabulous entomologist by the name of Ted Macrae and oddly enough, the reader himself ended up finding even more information.  But I will share that with you all tomorrow.

So, good luck!

reader photo 1

Photo credit: Nazmi Haris

What is it?

14 Apr

Okay, so I found this thing at the beach one day.  I had an initial idea of what it was but considering I’m a. from America and b. come from a land locked state, I assumed I was probably wrong.  So, I stopped a gentleman walking and asked him if he knew.  And this nice, seemingly well-informed Aussie man told me with the utmost confidence that it was just one part of a larger tube that housed some sort of oceanic worm.  And he was so convincing, I just spent and hour trying to find out what worm and what this thing’s purpose was.  Now, although I stumbled across some extremely interesting information about types of ocean worms (some of whose exoskeletons I’ve collected having no idea that was in fact what they were) I also found out that the gentleman was wrong and my initial guess was right.  I’ll save the ocean worm info for the next post, but any guesses on what YOU think this is?