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Winner announcement!!

5 Oct

Well, after the flood (see Trickle) of new followers to the blog, I wrote everyone’s name on a little slip of paper (see Advanced Technology) and had the oldest draw one out.


And the winner is…

A.D. Martin!!!

So, A.D. please contact me at wannabeentomologist@gmail.com

to let me know which of the following you choose for your prize.

Real cicada framed picture.

Real cicada framed picture.

Dragonfly bracelet

Dragonfly bracelet

Real scorpion cuff links

Real scorpion cuff links

Thanks to all of the new, and old, followers who read, comment and follow the blog.

Stay tuned for my blog post on all of the wonderful creepy crawly finds I’ve encountered on the recent school holiday visit to the grandparent’s house.  I haven’t seen this much insect action since I lived in the Byfield rainforest!  I LOVE Spring!

And the winners are…

8 Sep


Well, I’ve kept you waiting long enough.  Tonight, I checked and double checked everyone that had followed all the rules (except the sharing one since it’s hard to track that) and the pool was relatively small…which was good because I wrote everyone’s name on a piece of paper.  So, thank goodness my blog isn’t more popular, right? Uh…

So anyway, I decided that even though I had male and female oriented prizes, I was still going to let the chips fall where they may as far as who got what prize.  If I pulled two ladies then one would either have to give the cuff links as a gift or find a smart suit to match them and make a night of it.  But as luck would have it, I picked a boy for the cufflinks and a girl for the necklace.

So without anymore of that ado, the winners are:

Mark Arbuckle!!  You’ve won the one-of-a-kind-unless-you-know-where-to-order-more cufflinks!!

cuff links

And, Rebecca Meador takes home the beautiful dragonfly necklace!

dragonfly necklaceCongratulations to both winners!

**I ask that the winners please email me your addresses to:


so that I can have your prizes sent out immediately.

Cheers, and thanks to all who participated.  I’ll be having these giveaways from time to time so stay tuned!

100 posts and counting! Giveaway time!

31 Aug

It seems like only 99 posts ago I was just starting this blog, and here we are already at 100.  Wow!  Time flies when you’re being nerdy and freaking people out with spider pictures.

I’ve seen this blog build from literally a few of my Facebook friends visiting to nearly 75% or more of the traffic coming from search engines traffic from (at last count) 100 different countries. (100 posts and 100 countries on the same day!)  There’s definitely a community of fellow “buggers” out there that enjoy reading what I enjoy writing.  I started this blog mainly because I wanted to spread the excitement I felt when I found something interesting.  And let’s face it,  some of the information out there was too hard for me to understand a bit wordy.  I wanted a blog for people like me, written in a language everyone could understand.

So, as a thank you for everyone that stops by, follows me in email, sends me pictures, asks me questions etc., I want to do a giveaway.

There are two prizes and this time one guy and one gal will be walking away with a prize! First, I’ll show you what you’re playing for then we’ll get to those bothersome rules.

First up, this beautiful, sterling silver dragonfly necklace.  The chain measures 18″ and the pendant is a dainty 3/8″ (10mm).

dragonfly necklace

Second, this pair of unique bronze and glass, steam punk cufflinks with bumblebee pictures in them.

cuff linksNow for the rules:

1. You must be a follower of this blog.  Not in your heart, although that’s sweet, but by email.  To do this, just go to the homepage, look in the right hand column and put the old email addy in the appropriate box.

2. You have to either ‘like’ this post at the bottom (if you’re a fellow blogger) or share this post on Facebook.  I could count shares and likes but we’ll go on the honour system here.

3. And last but not least, please leave a comment (below) about what you love most about me about what you like about the blog or what you would like to see on here.

When all is said and done, I’ll put everyone’s name in a hat and pull out one guy and one gal to be the winners.  How much time do you have? The winners will be announced around this same time, exactly one week from today. (September 7th, UTC+10)

Best of luck! May the best man, and woman, win!