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We’re getting a makeover!

27 Sep


First, I apologize for the absence.  I’ve got a few things brewing behind the scenes and they’re taking longer than expected.  I planned on only a couple of days away but as these things usually go (you know, expecting others to read your mind) it may be a couple more.  I’m no expert at the things I need done so I’ve had to enlist the help of skilled computer magicians.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this video I made of all of my pictures from the Byfield Rainforest…

Or you can caption this picture of my daughter Sarah with a bread roll around her wrist:


Or you can just stare in amazement/fear/shock/wonder at this picture of a huntsman spider as big as my hand…yes, that’s my hand. grey huntsman

But whatever you choose, please choose to check back soon to see the new and improved Wannabe Entomologist!!

Farewell Byfield Rainforest

8 Feb

This is a bitter sweet post for me; our family is moving next week.  When we first moved to the Byfield Rainforest, I had no idea the adventures I would uncover.  I have always had my creature friends everywhere we’ve lived; birds of many species, different frogs, lizards, bugs, etc.  But, as you would imagine, a rainforest has a few more exciting creatures than your average place.  Just when I thought that I had seen everything the rainforest had to offer, something else would turn up.  And sometimes it was something I never knew existed.

I’ve always been an animal lover but Byfield is the place that really cemented my love for the insect world.  I mean, midwest America isn’t exactly the mecca for unusual bugs.  And there is just something special about being in another country and learning about all of the new, and sometimes strange, wildlife.

In the eight months we’ve lived here I have taken hundreds of pictures and encountered many species of bugs, birds, snakes, lizards, marsupials, arachnids and even fish.  And let me tell you, I’ve heard children are hard to photograph but they don’t have a thing on a stick bug or a lightning fast skink.  The challenge wasn’t necessarily to find them, it was to get a picture that was clear and showed their colour, size and features.  We had a few mishaps, frogs landing on heads, katydids landing on faces, Christmas beetles who seem to almost relish defecating on you whenever possible (I chalk that one up to nerves) and one, four-legged Huntsman spider that made sure he went out with a bang…or should it be ‘fang’?

I will miss them all greatly, they’ve taught me a lot.  But I am thankful for the excitement and thirst for learning they have all instilled in me just.by.being.

Please enjoy my collection of photographs I’ve taken over the past months.  And stay tuned!  Lots more adventures to come!