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Quiz answers and bug nerd shout outs

14 Aug

So what were your answers?

















The answers are as follows:

1. F, 2. H, 3. B, 4. G, 5. A, 6. E, 7. C, 8. D

1. Bird-dropping (Death’s head) spider

2. Ladybug (beetle) larvae

3. Rhinoceros beetle larvae

4. Mountain katydid

5. Pollen and nectar feeding katydid

6. Whip spider

7. Early instar of an owfly

8. Giant huntsman on my face

Okay, so maybe you were only able to get #8…I did put it in there for a freebie.  (And in case you think I’m completely crazy, you should know that the huntsman was dead…so I’m only half crazy.)

And don’t feel bad, I did not know 1-7 myself before researching them.  But that’s the fun, isn’t it?

We had a couple of people guess all of them correctly, so a special WE shout out to Marc at entomacrographic and to Drhoz.

**Be sure to click on the above links (1-8) to find out more about the featured creatures.**

(All photos property of Lisa Vankula-Donovan unless otherwise stated.)


Strange Insects — Quiz

11 Aug

Every once in a while, I’ve come across something that just baffles me. (I mean besides why they don’t put more jam in jam doughnuts.) But, without having a background in anything related to entomology, it’s sometimes a challenge to figure out what it is.  See, those experienced in the field can look at a number of things to at least narrow it down to an order.  I’m getting better at it but, as you’ll see, some are just plain confusing.  (But, if you’re a follower of the blog, these might not be that hard 😉 )

Can you guess what is what?









Now, match these letters up to the picture you think belongs with it.

A. Pollen and nectar feeding katydid

B. Rhinoceros beetle larvae

C. Early instar of an owl fly

D. Giant huntsman on my face

E. Whip spider

F. Bird-dropping (Death’s head) spider

G. Mountain Katydid

H. Lady bug (beetle) larvae

Post your answers in the comments below or on Facebook.  Answers will be revealed in tomorrow’s post.  I will announce the person(s) that got the most correct.

*All photos property of Lisa Vankula-Donovan unless otherwise stated.**

Entomology Quiz #2

21 Jan

So, just because I like to keep you all on your toes (and learn some things myself) I decided to create another quiz.  Feel free to keep score and if you get all of them right, I’ll send you your very own tarantula!  (Just kidding, it’s a giant cockroach.)

1. Which statement is true?

a. All bugs are insects

b. All insects are bugs

c. both of the above

d. neither of the above

2. Which insect is considered to have one of the most poisonous bites?

a. Flea

b. Mosquito

c. Harvester ant

d. Assassin bug

3. Which insect mimics the physical appearance of an ant during one of its instars (growth stages)?

a. Katydid

b. Praying mantis

c. Mole cricket

d. Banded cockroach

4. Periodical cicadas live as nymphs underground for

a. 17 years

b. 13 years

c. Both a and b

d. Only b

5. What is one of the strongest insects?

a.  Fire ant

b. Lobster moth

c. Giant stick insect

d. Dung beetle

6. The biggest butterfly in the world, the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing,  has a wingspan of over:

a. 4 inches (10.16 cm)

b. 6 inches (15.24 cm)

c. 1 foot (30.48cm)

d.  2+ feet (60+cm)

7. During the larval stage some caterpillars can eat up to _______ times their own body weight?

a. 1,000

b. 10, 000

c. 22,000

d. 27,000

8. What is a group of dragonflies called?

a. Fetch

b. Swarm

c. Cluster

d. Mob

9. Some cicadas can produce sounds up to:

a. 90 decibels (train whistle)

b. 110 decibels (mower)

c. 115 decibels (Rock concert)

d. 120 decibels (pneumatic riveter)

10. (Last one, not really entomology based.) If you had to hold one of the following, which would you choose and why? (Write in comments below)

a. Giant hissing cockroach


b. Tarantula


c. Giant Weta

weta carrot

d. This scary looking bat



1. a, 2. c, 3. a, 4. c, 5. d, 6. c, 7. d, 8. a, 9. d, 10. Come on, you’re an adult.  No one can make you hold anything!